Our services are offered at a rate reflective of high quality work, but low enough so you can afford to invest in your business' online presence.

We don’t just build websites, we build relationships. Then together, we build websites.

You had us at the first question. 

Okay, okay, you want
to know, what does BOAF charge for
it's services?

Like any other business, BOAF charges for its product. To make the work of our unique services possible, rates are made economical for small businesses and developing websites. Payment for our services fund the analysis, configuration and optimisation conducted by our team of skilled developers and specialists.

To provide options for various budgets and business goals, BOAF offers several tiers of packages—each with its own amount of work devoted to the client. We help clients decide which package will be the most beneficial to
them based on their business size and goals.

Yeah, well how do
I know I'm getting my money's worth?

When searching for a web design company or freelancer, it's important to know how they charge.
Is it by an hourly rate, if so, what is it? If they simply charge a flat fee and don’t disclose what work is covered by the flat fee, consider that a big red flag. Quality design professionals tell their clients what they're charging and what work they do for that price.

At BOAF, we've created total price packages, which takes the above factors into consideration. These service packages were specifically crafted with our prospective clients in mind. To help clients narrow their focus and extract need factors, we employ an intake questionnaire. Through this tool we're able to determine, recommend and offer appropriate service packages.

If you have more specific questions regarding pricing, please get in touch. We'll be happy to answer them.