At BOAF, we aim to help our clients succeed online and be a local leader in digital marketing for small businesses. While keeping value and affordability first.


Launched in 2017, BOAF (rhymes with loaf)
began with an idea of "online marketing services
should be affordable to everyone." Our team is highly
capable of handling any digital marketing project
from conception to execution to marketing. We have
dedicated people specifically skilled to each service
we offer.

We aspire to preserve the entrepreneurial spirit of the
small business owner by supporting the local restaurant,
the family owned shop, the neighbourhood charity,
social enterprises, personal trainers, artists, entertainers, freelancers, estate agents, accountants, lawyers, mechanics, plumbers, builders and even the private medical practice with competitive online marketing solutions.

As a result, BOAF was founded on a simple business model:
create affordable and effective online marketing for the small business owner.

CORE VALUES - The "Gooey" Center

 The following list reflects what is truly important to us. These are not values that change from time to time, situation to situation or person to person, but rather they're the underpinning of our agency's culture.

  • Honesty Is Our Best Policy

    "We're all about keeping it real. Being honest with ourselves, our partners, our co-workers, but most importantly our clients." 

  • Be Excellent To Everybody

    "It's important to us to hit the mark every time. This means establishing and maintaining good relationships. Our success as a business is hugely dependent upon our ability to build lasting relationships. We do this through trust, mutual respect, genuine concern, encouragement and open communication."

  • Collaborate & Commit

    "Working as a team, we quickly come up with the right solutions to client problems as well as our own. That's a process making our opinions known and then once a decision is made, we fully commit to supporting it."

  • Customer Advocate

    “Is what we're working on right now helping our clients? This is the question we always ask ourselves.
    Because we really love our clients and care like crazy about their success. BOAF starts with the customer first and work backwards."

  • Get Sh#% Done

    "That's right! We demonstrate a strong work ethic with a bias for action and results. Simply put we get things done. We hold ourselves accountable for the quality of our work and our productivity."

BOAF Digital Marketing Agency